Entry: Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi) (Taiwan Series 2006) Tuesday, August 14, 2007


       * Title: 花樣少年少女 / Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu


After watching a high jump competition on TV, Lu Rui Xi was deeply inspired by a jumper named Zuo Yi Quan. In fact, she's so inspired she decides to transfer to his school. However, Quan attends an all-boy school. So, she dressed up as a boy to get accepted. At the school, Rui Xi befriends Jin Xiu Yi. One day during their friendly soccer match, Rui Xi was knocked unconscious by Xiu Yi. Quan, who happens to be walking by, carries her to the infirmary. While carrying her, he realizes Rui Xi is actually a girl! However, Quan keeps her identity a secret, for he has slowly fallen in love with her.

Another problem? Xiu Yi starts to question his own sexual orientation when he, too, falls in love with Rui Xi.


Dormitory Two

  • Ella as Lu Rui Xi 盧瑞莃 (Mizuki Ashiya)
  • Wu Chun as Zuo Yi Quan 左以泉 (Izumi Sano)
  • Jiro Wang as Jin Xiu Yi 金秀伊 (Nakatsu Shuiichi)
  • Tang Yu Zhe as Liang Si Nan 梁思南 (Nanba Minami)
  • Xie Zheng Hao (謝正浩) as Guan Ri Hui 關日輝
  • Chen Wen Xiang as Jiang Ye Shen 江野伸
  • Yang Hao Wei as Li Cheng Yang 李承央 (Senri Nakao)
  • Xie He Xian as Sima Shu 司馬樹 / Da Shu 大樹 (Kayashima Taiki)

From Other School

Extended Cast


  • The drama is based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" (花ざかりの君たちへ) by Hisaya Nakajo. The literal translation is "For You In Full Blossom." The manga is also known as Hana Kimi.
  • The show was renamed under the Japanese manga publisher's mandate to associate the show with the manga in an effort to raise manga sales.
  • Chinese New Year SP aired on February 17, 2007 instead of episode 14. The SP is a competition with the "New Year theme" between the cast of Hua Yang and the cast of Summer x Summer.
  • Wu Chun dubbs his own voice in this drama.
  • The sequel (http://showbiz.chinatimes.com/Chinatimes/ExteriorContent/Showbiz/Showbiz-Page/0,4434,content+110511+112007033000331,00.html) is set to start filming at the end 2007.
  • Episode Ratings

    Episode Nationwide
    01 32.5%
    02 30.5%
    03 34.6%
    04 38.8%
    05 36.8%
    06 42.4%
    07 31.1%
    08 39.1%
    09 38.8%
    10 43.9%
    11 42.9%
    12 50.9%
    13 48.3%
    14 36.7%
    15 36.3%
    average 38.9%

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