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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


MARS intro theme song ~ Ling (Zero)

Artist: Alan Ke You Lun

Lyricist: Alan Ke You Lun

Song: Zhong Guo Hui

Arrangement: Zhong Cheng Hu


cong lai bu xiang xin wo de shi jie ke yi you duo wan mei

tong ku ji mo hai you yi xie pi bei

bu yun xu zhao ren sui yi

jin ru wo de ling du kong jian

ning yuan gu du lan de zai qu xiang shui

*lia ge ren yi qi shi fou zhi shi de dao yi zhong an wei

zheng tuo guo qu ran hou wang ji yi qie

mei xiang guo you tian wo de jie ju hu ran quan bu gai bian

shui hui zhua zhu wo de wu li shuang bi

zen me hui iku

(shui cuo shui dui wei shui bao qian)

bu hui zai ku

(shui cuo shui dui wei shui qiao cui)

**zou ru ling du kong jian deng dao yi qie fen lie

jiu suan ai de wei xian wo men yi qi mian dui

lai bu ji de fang bei mei ting guo de shi yan


wo zen me xue hui duo le ai de ming tian

***zou chu ling du kong jian zhong yu yi qie fen lie

jiu suan ai de hen lei wo que bu hui hou hui

fang xia suo you fang bei yi qie dou wu suo wei

tao chu hei an shi jie kai shi xin de ming tian

xin de ming tian

repeat *

repeat **

repeat ***

xin de shi jie

(English Translation)

Never believed how perfect my world could be

Pain, loneliness, and also a bit beaten

Prohibited from finding people as one wishes

Entering my zero degree space

Would rather be lonely, too lazy to think about who

Is a kind of comfort received when two people are together?

Struggling and then forgetting everything

Never thought that one day my ending would actually all change

Who would grab my powerless pair of arms

What's the reason for crying

(Who's right, who's wrong, feeling sorry for who)

Won't cry again

(Who's right, who's wrong, distressed for who)

Entering zero degree space, waiting until everything is broken

Even love's dangers, we'll face it together

It's too late to defend, a promise never heard

How do you want me to learn, a tomorrow with more love

Exiting zero degree space, everything;s finally broken

Even if tired from loving, I won't regret it

Putting down all defenses, everything doesn't matter

Escaping the dark world, starting a new tomorrow

A new world



MARS ending theme song ~ Rang wo ai ni (Let me love you)

Artist: ZaiZai & Da S

Lyricist: Tian Tian

Composer: Chuan Jian Mei Nai Zi

Arrangement: Hou Zhi Jian

(Pin Yin)

da s : mei you qi fu de qing xu

ying wei ni chu xian hou hua po ping jing

zhen han wo yi jing feng bi de xin

bing shan he xue zai rong jie

zz : hui dao chu ci de xiang yu

feng zai chui yi ge ren du zi mei li

hui de tian kong wei he mei you ren he biao qing

ni de xin ........ xia yu

*da s : jiu rang wo ai ni

mei you le zi ji

zz : can po de guang yin

hei an zhong shen shen xi yin jue

dui di ...... jiu suan sheng ming suo sheng wu ji

2gether: zhi


yong bao shun jian de mo qi

**da s : jiu rang wo ai ni

zheng ming you qi ji

zz : zai kuang ye de xin

ling hun de shen chu you ni wo

yuan yi ....... fang qi shi jie wei xiao er qu

2gether: xin fu he yuan xin que zai yi qi

da s : guo qu zong shi hui bu qu

zz : zai jian qiang zi yi xiang e meng bu xing

da s : wo de lei shui tang guo ne de tian kong

zz : yu xia bu ting xin hao tong

feng xiang hua zhu


zhe wo

ni de rong yan zai feng de qian tou

da s : wo de xin hua chu di yi ci de cai hong

2gether: ying wei ni... wo xiang xin

repeat *

repeat **

repeat *

da s : jiu rang wo ai ni

zheng ming you qi ji

zz : zai kuang ye de xin

ling hun de shen chu you ni

wo yuan yi ....... fang qi shi jie wei xiao er qu

2gether: xia yi ge shi ji ....... rang wo ai ni


(English Translation)

Da S:

It is always impossible to wipe away the past

Zai Zai:

Even stronger memories are still like a nightmare you can't wake up from

Da S:

My teardrops drip past your sky

Zai Zai:

The rain is incessant

My heart aches badly

The wind is a like a drawing utensil

Watching me

Your face is in front of the wind

Da S:

My heart draws out a rainbow for the first time


Because of you

I believe

Da S:

Just let me love you

I'm not myself

Zai Zai:

The broken reflection of light

Within the darkness is a profound attraction


Even if there is not much life remaining

Da S:

We only need to embrace the momentary privity

Just let me love you

Proving there are miracles

Within an impetuous heart

You lie in the depths of the soul

I am willing

To abandon the world and leave with a smile


(Afterwards, there is nothing left to listen to...)

Posted at 11:32 pm by j-g-m
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hello everyone! its been a year since i wrote my last entry... well i'll just keep this blog updated after buying a laptop... that means i can write and create entries anytime i want... so i'll just keep you posted... bye!

Posted at 03:14 pm by j-g-m
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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Choi Ji-Woo's Pix...

Choi Ji-woo (최지우)Choi Ji-woo (최지우)Choi Ji-woo (최지우)Choi Ji-woo (최지우)

Choi Ji-Woo's latest movie is "Everybody has a Secret"... i have also finish watching the fil & i can say that she is diff. in this movie. I mean her role is daring because of the bedmscenes w/ her co-star Lee Byung-Heon...

credits to:http://www.hancinema.net

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Japanese Media: Kim Ha-Neul More Popular than Choi Ji-Woo (2005/05/27)

The major Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi published an interview with actress Kim Ha-neul on May 27, saying she has become more popular in Japan than fellow “hallyu” actress Choi Ji-woo. Kim’s latest comedy movie, “Too Beautiful To Lie,” opens in Japan May 28.

The newspaper quoted Kim as saying that her co-star in the movie, Kang Dong-won, who is Kim’s junior, "acted in accordance with his personality,” and that actors Lee Byeong-Heon and Song Seung-heon, Kim’s previous co-stars, became popular in Japan thanks to their acting skills.

"My character receives an impressive marriage proposal from a man in the movie. I personally like such heart-moving proposals because they are sincere," said Kim in her interview.

Sports Hochi also wrote that Kim likes “chankonabe” (a Japanese dish popular with sumo wrestlers) and enjoys strolling in Shibuya.
Too Beautiful To Lie
Too Beautiful To Lie
(그녀를 믿지 마세요 - 2004)

Kim Ha-Neul (known in Phils. as Jamie in Stained Glass)

credit to: http://www.hancinema.net/korean

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My Fave. Korean Actors & Actresses... (Biography & Filmography)


Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji-won Ha Ji-won (b. June 28, 1979) made her television debut in 1997 on KBS TV. She won a Grand Bell award as the Best New Actress of 2000 with her debut film Truth or Dare, and a Blue Dragon award for Best Supporting Actress with her second film, the popular melodrama Ditto (2000). After achieving wider public recognition as a "horror queen" for her roles in Ahn Sung-ki's films A Nightmare and Phone, she has branched out into a variety of roles such as that of a cheerleader in Sex is Zero, which was one of most successful comedies of the year 2002.

Thanks to the huge success of her TV drama, Damo in which she starred as a female detective in the Chosun Dynasty and Something That Happened in Bali in which she played a poor girl who was loved by two rich men played by Jo In-sung and So Ji-seop, she gained a reputation as an A-list actress. Her subsequent roles in three comedies -- Reversal of Fortune, 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, and Love, So Divine -- were not as successful with audiences, however. In early 2005 she starred in the melodrama Daddy-Long-Legs, based on a famous novel by Jean Webster.

Ha's next role saw her once again play a Chosun-era female detective, this time in acclaimed director Lee Myung-Se's Duelist. Probably her highest-profile role to date, the film sees her teams up with Ahn Sung-ki to catch an elusive criminal played by Kang Dong-won.

Complete filmography:

Duelist (2005)
Daddy-Long-Legs (2005)
Love, So Divine (2004)
100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (2004)
Reversal of Fortune (2003)
Sex is Zero (2002)
Phone (2002)
A Nightmare (2000)
Ditto (2000)
Truth or Dare (1999)


 Jeon Ji-hyun

Jeon Ji-hyun Jeon Ji-hyun (b. October 30, 1981) first became well-known as a commercial model and as a TV actress. Although she made her film debut in the little-watched White Valentine in 1999, it was not until later in the year when she was featured in an advertisement for an audio system that she became a popular sensation. The dancing and attitude expressed in the ad made her into an icon for Koreans in their late teens and early twenties.

After continuing her TV and modelling career, Jeon made her first well-publicized film appearance in late 2000 with Il Mare. A handsomely-shot melodrama set on Kanghwa Island, the film did respectably well at the box office (despite opening on the same day as JSA) and solidified her status as a star.

Jeon's breakout film was comedy My Sassy Girl, which became a huge hit both in Korea and throughout Asia with its tale of a gullible college student and his slightly unhinged girlfriend. The film spent two weeks at #1 in Hong Kong, and turned her into Korea's most recognizable star in the Chinese-language market. Two years then passed before she appeared in her next film, an "occult thriller" titled The Uninvited which wowed critics but failed to catch on with viewers. Throughout this time she was a constant presence in TV ads and on billboards in Korea and also in other Asian countries.

2004 saw her return to the big screen in another film by Kwak Jae-yong, the director of My Sassy Girl. Windstruck cast her in the role of a policewoman, but many viewers felt it was too similar to My Sassy Girl. There were also signs that her popularity had started to suffer because of overexposure in advertisements. Nonetheless, Windstruck became the best-performing film ever in Japan, where My Sassy Girl was not as well known.

Jeon's next project Daisy teams her with Jung Woo-sung (who frequently appears together with her in advertisements), and has drawn attention for its 100% location shooting in the Netherlands, and for using the Hong Kong director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs). Kwak Jae-yong (My Sassy Girl) wrote the screenplay.

Complete filmography:

Daisy (2005)
Windstruck (2004)
The Uninvited (2003)
My Sassy Girl (2001)
Il Mare (2000)
White Valentine


Cha Tae-hyun

Cha Tae-hyun Cha Tae-hyun (b. March 25, 1976) started his career as a silver medalist in a 1995 KBS Talent Contest. Over the next several years he would star in a large number of TV dramas such as Sunflower and Happy Together, while also working as a model and appearing in a huge number of TV commercials. He also made a minor film debut in the comedy Halleluja.

Then in 2001 he burst onto the film scene with a bang, in the hugely successful comedy My Sassy Girl. Cha's expressive acting established him as a recognized star in Korea as well as the Asian region at large. His next film Lovers Concerto (2002), a tragic melodrama with actresses Son Ye-jin and Lee Eun-ju, also proved to be a popular success.

From 2003, however, Cha's casting choices proved to be less inspired. He appeared in three comedies -- Crazy First Love, Happy Naked Christmas and Two Guys -- that were widely criticized by audiences for their weak scripts and lack of creativity. In 2005, Cha tries to make a comeback as part of a large ensemble cast in the relationships film Sad Movie.


Kwon Sang-woo

Kwon Sang-woo Kwon Sang-woo (b. August 5, 1976), the most visible example of the so-called "mom-zzang" (slang for "great body") movement, started his career as a fashion model in the late 1990s. His first acting experience was in the TV drama Delicious Proposal, and for the first few years of his entertainment career he received only minor roles on television, before debuting in Volcano High (2001). The following year he played his first lead role in the comedy Make It Big together with Song Seung-heon.

Kwon's breakthrough came in the phenomenally successful comedy My Tutor Friend, as a troublesome high school boy who is tutored by a college student of the same age (played by actress Kim Ha-neul). In this year he also starred in My Good Partner, the world's first movie made for mobile phones, and in the music video collection Project X.

His next film released in early 2004 was also a great hit. Once Upon a Time In High School portrays the authoritarian society of the 1970s through a notoriously violent high school. Simultaneously, his TV drama Stairway To Heaven was winning over high ratings on TV. The drama was eventually screened throughout Asia and helped to turn him into a regional star. However Kwon's followup film Love So Divine, about a priest in training who falls in love, earned poor reviews and did not get much attention from audiences.

For 2006, Kwon returns in a big-budget action noir titled Running Wild, about a detective, a prosecutor, and a criminal who are all equally vicious.

Complete filmography:

Running Wild (2006)
Love, So Divine (2004)
Once Upon a Time in HS (2004)
My Tutor Friend (2003)
Make It Big (2002)
Volcano High


Lee Byung-heon

Lee Byung-heon Lee Byung-heon (b. July 12, 1970) majored in French at Hanyang University before making his television debut on KBS in 1991. A fixture in TV dramas throughout the decade, Lee has continued to work in television even after becoming a major film star. His movie debut came in 1995 as the lead in Who Drives Me Mad?, and he worked off and on in the film industry up until his breakthrough film in 2000, Joint Security Area.

For a long time thought of as just another pretty face, Lee eventually earned great praise for his acting, both for his turn in JSA and especially in Bungee Jumping of Their Own. He also starred in the popular television drama Beautiful Days, which screened in spring 2002 on SBS and would later be exported across Asia.

In 2002, Lee starred with actress Lee Mi-yeon in Addicted, a melodrama about two brothers who fall into a coma on the same day. The following spring he also took the lead role in the highly popular TV drama All In, about a successful gambler.

In 2004, Lee appeared opposite actresses Choi Ji-woo, Choo Sang-mi and Kim Hyo-jin in Everybody Has Secrets, a remake of the Irish comedy About Adam. Also that year, several of Lee's TV dramas began to screen in Japan, and his popularity there started to soar. He eventually became even more popular in Japan than he is in Korea.

Then in 2005, Lee appeared in Kim Jee-woon's highly anticipated action-noir A Bittersweet Life. Although the film ended up performing below expectations in both Korea and Japan, it was selected to screen in the Official Selection (out of competition) at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, giving Lee the opportunity to "walk the red carpet" for his biggest moment of fame.


Song Seung-hun

Song Seung-hun After beginning his career as a model, Song Seung-hun (b. October 5, 1976) first became known to viewers in the popular sitcom Three Men, Three Women in 1996. The following year he started his extremely successful career in TV dramas, which made him well-known throughout Korea. His feature film debut came in 1999 in the film Calla together with star Kim Hee-sun.

True stardom only came to Song in late 2000, however, with the broadcast of the hugely popular TV drama Autumn Story (a.k.a. Endless Love). The series was exported all over Asia, making pan-Asian stars of both him and co-stars Song Hye-gyo and Won Bin. Since then he has been actively recuited for film roles and advertisements in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

In 2002, Song starred in the comic-action film Make it Big by director Cho Ui-seok, and also in the Hong Kong film So Close with Hong Kong actresses: Karen Mok, Shu Qi and Zhao Wei. He also starred in Scent of Summer, the third "season-themed" TV drama after Autumn Story and Winter Sonata, which was well-received, but not as popular as the ones that preceded it.

In 2004 Song appeared in two films, but neither was judged to be a success: Ice Rain, shot in the Canadian Rockies, failed to enthuse viewers with its mixture of mountaineering and melodrama, while He Was Cool, based on an internet novel, proved unable to compete with Harry Potter and other films from the 2004 summer season. Meanwhile in late 2004, just as he was getting ready to start shooting another high profile TV drama, it was revealed that the actor had illegally avoided his compulsory military service by taking a drug that made him fail the military's health test. Amidst the press coverage and scandal this aroused, Song agreed to immediately serve his two-year term in the military.

Complete filmography:

He Was Cool (2004)
Ice Rain (2003)
So Close (2002, Hong Kong)
Make it Big (2002)


credit to: http://www.koreanfilm.org


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Saturday, June 04, 2005
I have finished watching Sweet 18 (a KBS 2TV drama @KOREA)...

Tapos ko na panoorin ung SWEET 18... hehe... bumili si mama ng buong episode non sa Divisoria w/ OST & NG, P200.00 lng... ayaw ko kc panoorin sa GMA un eh... dati ko pa gus2 mapanood un, hndi pa naipapalabas sa tv d2 sa Phil. alam nyo naman sa Pilipinas, laging huli... God Mars nga eh tapos ko na rin (starring Barbie Xu & Vic Zhou)... so ayun, sobrang ganda talaga tyaka comedy na may kilig factor... plus! kakaiba si Lee Dong-Gun d2, hehe funny xa d2... so aiun lng... post na lng me ng tungkol kila Lee Dong-Gun & Han Ji-Hye, ay w8 pala, balita ko nga e nagka developan ung dalawa coz they're now exclusively dating, hehe, swerte ni Han Ji-Hye... hmm... =D

Posted at 02:51 pm by j-g-m
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Sweet 18
*Reviewed by Gunner

KBS Drama (2004) 16 Episodes
Korean Title: Nang Rang 18 Seh
Official Homepage (Korean): http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/rangrang/

Key Cast:
Yoon Jung Sook: Han Ji Hye (Summer Scent)
Kwon Hyuk Joon: Lee Dong Gun (Let뭩 go to School, Sang Do)

Other Characters:
Kwon Sun Ah (Hyuk Joon뭩 elder sister)
Jung Chan (Hyuk Joon뭩 colleague and best friend)
Moon Ga Young (Hyuk Joon뭩 ex-girlfriend)
Hyuk Joon뭩 grandfather
Jung Sook뭩 mother

This is my very first review done on spcnet.tv so I though I뭗 start with a drama I felt was really outstanding. The concept of a pre-arranged marriage between an older man and a very young girl is not a new one and has been explored before in the Hong Kong movie 멝y Wife is 18 (Charlene Choi and Ekin Cheng). Incidentally, the release of this drama was quickly followed by that of the Korean movie 멝y Little Bride (Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young) again using the same theme. Shows exploring this theme are usually romantic comedies unabashedly filled with saccharine-sweet romantic plot-lines and backed up by wacky over-the-top humour and 멣weet 18 makes no attempt to deviate from a proven formula. So what makes 멣weet 18 stand out from its peers and from other dramas for that matter, especially for someone like myself, whom I consider a more 몊erious audience? For one, the plot is face-paced and smooth-flowing as well as being genuinely humorous. In addition to this, behind all the antics and romance, there are actually life lessons that can be appreciated from the drama.

Synopsis (contains spoilers!):
The drama begins with Hyuk Joon뭩 grandfather, the patriarch of the respectable and very traditional Kwon household, agreeing to a pre-arranged marriage between his at-the-time 10 year old grandson and the new-born granddaughter of his best friend, Jung Sook뭩 grandfather. However, the family of Jung Sook뭩 grandfather soon runs into debt and in the middle of the night, they quietly leave the Kwon household so as not to bring shame upon them.

Fast forward 17 years and Jung Sook is all grown up now and studying her final year in high school in preparation for her university-entrance exams. Her grandfather and father have by now passed on and she was brought up in a poor environment by her mum who owns a small laundry shop. However, Jung Sook is chirpy and strong-willed despite her background and definitely very cheeky. She unfortunately does not have much of an interest in her studies and often goes shopping and to discos with her 멺ang of four close friends, known in school collectively as the 멹ive mirror princesses.

It is during one of these disco outings that Jung Sook ends up meeting her future husband, Hyuk Joon, although it is not in the best of circumstances. Hyuk Joon, a prosecutor has led his team to the disco to arrest a targeted gang leader but failing to do so, end up arresting underage entrants to the disco instead. Jung Sook, not yet 18, is one of those arrested and the awkward circumstance of their meeting is used to generate a few laughs. At almost the same time, Hyuk Joon뭩 grandfather who has been looking for his long-lost friend over the years, finally locates Jung Sook뭩 family뭩 whereabouts and send Hyuk Joon뭩 uncle to formalise the details of the pre-arranged marriage with Jung Sook뭩 mum.

Upon learning of the marriage, Hyuk Joon and Jung Sook of course are very much opposed to it with Hyuk Joon thinking of Jung Sook as an immature brat while Jung Sook sees Hyuk Joon as an old boring nerd. However, the usual plot developments are thrown in to bring the two together like Jung Sook catching Hyuk Joon in the bath when going to his house to ask him something and more importantly, she learns that Hyuk Joon is her first love (the unknown guy in traditional Korean dress whom she bumped into on the street and fell in love with immediately). Thus Jung Sook begins to actively pursue the marriage to Hyuk Joon뭩 horror, even travelling from Seoul to Andong (a rural area where the Kwon household is located) to earn points with Hyuk Joon뭩 grandfather. Hyuk Joon뭩 grandfather takes an immediate liking to her despite her being from a poor background and not trained in the proper use of Korean traditional etiquette and household duties. Adamant that the marriage goes through, Hyuk Joon finally agrees to the marriage so as not to aggravate his grandfather뭩 ailing health and with the mutual agreement with Jung Sook that their marriage is only to be in name with each other not interfering in the other뭩 personal life.

All this takes place within the first few episodes and there is much more interesting twists and turns as Ga Young, Hyuk Joon뭩 aggressive university ex-girlfriend, is introduced and goes about trying to win back Hyuk Joon with the help of Sun Ah, Hyuk Joon뭩 sister who utterly dislikes Jung Sook and is against the marriage. Other obstacles like Hyuk Joon뭩 and Jung Sook뭩 constant bickering, the problems of living under one roof and the requirement of Jung Sook to meet the expectations of the Kwon family as the 몏ife of the heir also come into play to create some humorous moments and also further the plot. It would be too long to summarise the entire plot here but to put it briefly, in the end true love blossoms between Hyuk Joon and Jung Sook and their show marriage becomes a real one in all meanings of the word.

Plus points:
As mentioned before, what makes this drama such a pleasure to watch is how well the plot is paced. There are no boring moments and the interesting plot just keeps making you want to watch more. The humour is not overly wacky but funny enough to keep a smile on your face for most of the show. Feel good moments are also generously used and while some might consider that an exploitation of the viewer뭩 intellect, I personally watch a show for to enjoy it and a feel good plot does the same job for me as a more complex intellectual one. What is really refreshing about the drama though is that it does not fall into the melodramatic trappings that most other Korean dramas do. While there are definitely scenes that are meant to draw some tears, they are incorporated thoughtfully and not overdone. The minor characters are also used very effectively and are integral to plot development. You never get the feeling that they are just there to add some cheap laughs or as a distracting subplot to follow.

Furthermore, behind all the wackiness and romantic themes that the show has, there are actually some very meaningful and though-provoking themes incorporated into the story. For example, the theme of one뭩 responsibility to his family is touched upon throughout the show in Hyuk Joon뭩 obligations to fulfil his duties as heir to the Kwon household with the eventual fate of him having to give up his career to take over as the Kwon patriarch looming over him. There are also the themes of trust and compromise in marriage as seen though Jung Sook뭩 gradual maturation where she learns to trust Hyuk Joon뭩 love for her and where both parties are forced to sacrifice many aspects of their lives to be together like Hyuk Joon his selfishly-guarded privacy and Jung Sook her chance to further her education. However, the biggest underlying theme behind the story would be the definition of what is true love in a marriage as both parties struggle throughout the drama make their marriage work. At the end there is also a very beautiful portrayal of family love that I뭠l leave potential viewers to find out.

The biggest plus point of the show would have to be the cast who fit their roles to perfection. Han Ji Hye is a new and very unique actress who seems to have this energy around her that makes her just right for Jung Sook뭩 role. Incidentally she is almost the same age as her character (she was 19 at the time of filming) and puts all her youthful characteristics to good use in her portrayal of Jung Sook who is nave, bubbly, cute and yet stubborn at the same time. Lee Dong Gun on the other hand is the perfect foil playing Hyuk Joon who is essentially a serious and conservative man. Though only 24, he plays the 28 year old Hyuk Joon well, conveying across his seriousness without being too 몊tiff. He also expresses his emotions well and you can see his character really starting to develop genuine feelings for Jung Sook. It helps that Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun have a very good on-screen chemistry that allows them to successfully play their roles as a mismatched pair that eventually fall in love. Mention should also be given to the actress who plays Ga Young who really looks the part of a conniving and bitter ex-lover and the actor who plays Jung Chan who you can feel has this close 멳uddy friendship with Hyuk Joon.

credit to: http://www.spcnet.tv/reviews/review.php?rID=469

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Oh! well, at last my routine for this day changed (rise-eat-sleep-watch tv-sleep again, hehe... not anymore) it's not boring today coz i go out w/ my bestfriend Maan & her cousin Jayson Girl... we met at SM Mla. at around 10:50am, then we headed upstairs to decide on what movie should we watch. After checking all the movies that are showing on that day we decided to watch the movie entitled "Shutter". I think I'ts a Thai movie, yeah, I'm sure of it pala.. it's a horror flick, so obviously its scary but actually it was more funny than we thought because on every scene that is really scary that you'll have goosebumps, me & Jayson had this humor on making that "scary scene" really funny, the 3 of us is actually laughing & at the same time scared, & would you believe we all screamed inside the movie house? hehe, really shameful, but no... because when we started screaming almost all the people in the movie house also started screaming, hehe... (kailangan lang ng pampalakas loob)... u think we're crazy? hehehe... u won't understand what i mean unless you've already watched that movie... well i can't elaborate more coz it will make me tell you the whole story... once i start, i can't stop (talkative me! hehehe...) So after watching the movie, the 3 of us went to National Bookstore to buy some stuff for school & after that we all went home na. Its really fun spending the day w/ your friends & having bond with them even for a little time coz every little time has also memories that you'll remember for always...

So that's all for now.... babye... (",)


oh w8! b4 i 4got i recommend you to watch this movie SHUTTER, its already showing at any cinemas i think... =)

Posted at 04:00 am by j-g-m
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
nothin' much... i'm busy...

well, nothin' much to say coz im very busy designing my own blog... actually ninenok ko lng ung mga designs na to, & before they sue me, i'll give the proper credits to
oh man! this gal is really a genius, coz she can make beautiful layouts, gif's & icons... she also take request from xanga users...

so, that's all for now, i feel sleepy already. I've been up for almost 24 hrs. i haven't slept much since last week because of this insomnia! huhuhu...

ciao! =D

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Monday, May 30, 2005
i'm new here! hehe...

im excited to start up my new blog... =) w8 4 me, ok? hehehe...


Posted at 07:21 am by j-g-m
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