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Sunday, August 21, 2016
Long time...

Hello. It has been 6 years the last time I have posted something. A lot of things changed. The world has changed a lot. I have changed as well. They say the only constant thing in this world is change. That is true. We may all want to change for the better. Trust me, if you do good things to others or even to yourself, one day you will reap what you sow :)

Posted at 04:28 pm by j-g-m
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Friday, July 16, 2010
I Miss Blogging!

Hello everyone. It's been two years since my last entry. I've been busy with school and stuffs. I don't know if anyone is interested in what I'm saying but still I will tell you that I really really miss writing stuffs and sharing it with the whole world (zzz dreaming zzz). Anyway, I am, once again, interested in blogging. So, I'll just write anything and everything that concerns me.

Have a nice evening everyone

Posted at 11:37 pm by j-g-m
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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Tomohisa Yamashita (Japanese Celebrity-- Actor, Singer, Dancer


  • Name: 山下'q久 (やました ともひさ)
  • Name (romaji): Yamashita Tomohisa
  • Former name: 青木'q久 / Aoki Tomohisa
  • Nicknames: Yamapi, Tomo-chan, TomoPi, Pi, P-chan
  • Profession: Actor and Singer
  • Birthdate: 1985-Apr-09
  • Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
  • Height: 175cm* (http://i18.tinypic.com/4z0te7t.jpg)
  • Weight: 60kg* (http://i18.tinypic.com/4z0te7t.jpg)
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Blood type: A
  • Family: Mother (Naomi) and younger sister (Rina)
  • Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

TV Shows


  • Kurosagi (http://www.kurosagi-movie.jp/) (2008)
  • Shinrei Surfer no Shi (1996)


  • Misau Home
  • MOW
  • Pringles
  • Kiss Mint
  • Coca Cola
  • TBC Beauty Salon
  • TBC Yoga Classroom
  • TBC 30th Anniversary
  • TBC Dressing Room
  • TBC Summer
  • TBC Live Naturally
  • Rakubeji
  • Toshiba Note PC
  • Weider in Jelly
  • RUSS-K
  • Lawsons



  • Associated Jpop groups: B.I.G., 4TOPS, NewS, Shuji to Akira, Kitty GYM
  • Currently studying at Meiji University (Business)

credits to d-addicts

Posted at 11:52 pm by j-g-m
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Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love) 2007 (Japanese Drama)

Belated Happy 23rd Birthday Yamapi-Kun :D (Apr 09)


  • Title: プロポーズ大作戦
  • Title (romaji): Proposal Daisakusen
  • Tagline: Operation Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV



Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.


Correlation Chart (Present Time, 2007)
Correlation Chart (Present Time, 2007)


Production Credits

Episode Titles

  • Ep 01: We can get married if I make it to the Koshien!?
  • Ep 02: We can get married through coffee milk!?
  • Ep 03: Can I marry you if I switch seats?
  • Ep 04: Can I marry you if I give you my second button?
  • Ep 05: Are those who say they'll do it tomorrow idiots?
  • Ep 06: What do you graduate from on your last day as a teen?
  • Ep 07: When will love and fireworks scatter?
  • Ep 08: Are the tears you shed on New Year's Eve the real thing?
  • Ep 09: At the last moment, what will you put on the line?
  • Ep 10: Last hallelujah chance
  • Ep 11: Will a tearful confession summon a miracle?

Episode Ratings

Episode Kanto Kansai Nationwide
01 19.3 19.5  ??.?
02 17.1 17.1  ??.?
03 13.4 12.7  ??.?
04 16.4 16.6  ??.?
05 16.9 16.2  ??.?
06 17.4 16.5  ??.?
07 14.6 17.9  ??.?
08 19.1 16.6  ??.?
09 18.1 17.1  ??.?
10 17.2 18.6  ??.?
11 20.9 20.4  ??.?
average 17.3 17.2  ??.?

Source: Video Research, Ltd. (http://www.videor.co.jp/)


credits to wiki d-addicts

Posted at 11:01 pm by j-g-m
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Spring Waltz Batch Torrent Ep 1-20 [HODOLI] including WITH S2 English Softsubs




Posted at 11:20 am by j-g-m
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi) (Taiwan Series 2006)


       * Title: サィ侖ノルトノルナョ / Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu


After watching a high jump competition on TV, Lu Rui Xi was deeply inspired by a jumper named Zuo Yi Quan. In fact, she's so inspired she decides to transfer to his school. However, Quan attends an all-boy school. So, she dressed up as a boy to get accepted. At the school, Rui Xi befriends Jin Xiu Yi. One day during their friendly soccer match, Rui Xi was knocked unconscious by Xiu Yi. Quan, who happens to be walking by, carries her to the infirmary. While carrying her, he realizes Rui Xi is actually a girl! However, Quan keeps her identity a secret, for he has slowly fallen in love with her.

Another problem? Xiu Yi starts to question his own sexual orientation when he, too, falls in love with Rui Xi.


Dormitory Two

  • Ella as Lu Rui Xi アRネヌb (Mizuki Ashiya)
  • Wu Chun as Zuo Yi Quan ラメヤネェ (Izumi Sano)
  • Jiro Wang as Jin Xiu Yi スミ耡チ (Nakatsu Shuiichi)
  • Tang Yu Zhe as Liang Si Nan チコヒシトマ (Nanba Minami)
  • Xie Zheng Hao (ヨxユコニ) as Guan Ri Hui 鷄ネユンx
  • Chen Wen Xiang as Jiang Ye Shen スュメーノ
  • Yang Hao Wei as Li Cheng Yang タウミム (Senri Nakao)
  • Xie He Xian as Sima Shu ヒセR倅 / Da Shu エ倅 (Kayashima Taiki)

From Other School

Extended Cast


  • The drama is based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" (サィ、カ、ォ、熙ホセ、ソ、チ、リ) by Hisaya Nakajo. The literal translation is "For You In Full Blossom." The manga is also known as Hana Kimi.
  • The show was renamed under the Japanese manga publisher's mandate to associate the show with the manga in an effort to raise manga sales.
  • Chinese New Year SP aired on February 17, 2007 instead of episode 14. The SP is a competition with the "New Year theme" between the cast of Hua Yang and the cast of Summer x Summer.
  • Wu Chun dubbs his own voice in this drama.
  • The sequel (http://showbiz.chinatimes.com/Chinatimes/ExteriorContent/Showbiz/Showbiz-Page/0,4434,content+110511+112007033000331,00.html) is set to start filming at the end 2007.
  • Episode Ratings

    Episode Nationwide
    01 32.5%
    02 30.5%
    03 34.6%
    04 38.8%
    05 36.8%
    06 42.4%
    07 31.1%
    08 39.1%
    09 38.8%
    10 43.9%
    11 42.9%
    12 50.9%
    13 48.3%
    14 36.7%
    15 36.3%
    average 38.9%

    credits to d-addicts.com

    Posted at 05:21 pm by j-g-m
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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006
    It Started With A Kiss OST (Download Free)


    It Started With A Kiss Opening Theme SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME by Jason & Lara

    u can download this free.. Here's the link below,,



    Closing Theme Song of It Started Wth A Kiss (ISWAK) E ZUO JU/PRANK by Wang Lan Yin



    Posted at 01:30 am by j-g-m
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    Monday, October 09, 2006
    Princess Hours/Goong/Imperial Household

    Princess Hours/Goong

    Princess Hours (otherwise known as The Palace or Goong) (Hangul) is a Korean Drama which was released on 11 January 2006. It was distributed by MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation). It's based on the same titled Manhwa by Park So Hee, which has run for 12 volumes so far (as of June 2006).



    Title: Goong (Gung)

    Also known as: Palace (lit. translation) / Princess Hours (MBC Global Media) / Imperial Household

    Genre: Romance, Comedy

    Episodes: 24

    Broadcast network: MBC

    Broadcast period: 2006-01-11 to 2006-03-30

    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM

    Songs: (サ邯タホー。ソ)Perhaps love - Howl &J


    Synopsis from d-addicts.com

    Goong (アテ) is based on the same titled manhwa by Park So Hee.

    Goong is story about the love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with a startling diagnosis that the King is terminally ill. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession. The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae-gyung that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school. Chae-gyung was betrothed to become the next Crown Princess by her grandfather and Shin's grandfather.

    As in life, humor maskes the pain in this beautifully shot drama.


    Synopsis from wikipedia.com

    Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

    Set in an alternate reality where Korea posseses a royal family, this show revolves around the lives of the lives of the crown prince Shin, and his new bride, Chae-Gyung. The series starts off with the news that the Emperor, Shin's father, is severely ill. With the grim outlook on the emperor's health, the royal family scrambles to find a wife for Shin, so as to allow him to take over the royal throne if the situation requires so. Despite being in love with another girl, the ambitious and talented ballerina Hyo-rin, who Shin initially proposed to, Shin eventually marries an average girl who he was betrothed to by his late grandfather in an old agreement with her's, the headstrong yet lovable Chae-Gyung, after he was rejected by Hyo-rin. Despite initially feeling nothing for Chae-Gyung, love eventually blossoms between the couple.

    In the meantime, however, matters are further complicated with the return of the Yul and his mother, who was once the crown princess before the death of her husband the late crown prince, who was the older brother of the current emperor. Yul and his mother were chased out of the palace some time after the death of his father her husband, and it is latter revealed that it was so as the Emperor had found out about the affair between Yul's mother and Yul's uncle, the current emperor. Yul's mother had returned with a sinister motive in mind; to restore her son back to the royal throne, which would have been his eventually, if his father had not died. A flurry of events descend upon the palace with the schemes Yul's mother carries out, and is further intensified by the various scandals involving the royal family, which are inclusive of the Shin's continuing relationship with his old flame Hyo-rin, and the budding love Yul developes for Chae-Gyung, Shin's new found bride.

    The first series ends with the 'real' marriage of Shin with Chae-Gyung in Macau, and the possibility that Chae-Gyung is pregnant with Shin's baby.

    Spoilers end here.


    Episode Summaries

    See [1] (http://goong.blogsome.com/category/episode/) (Please do not plagiarize).



    Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae-gyung

    Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin

    Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul

    Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo-rin

    Choi Sung Joon as Kang In (Shin's friend who secretly likes Hyo-rin)

    Lee Yong Joo as Jang Kyung (Shin's friend who likes Kang Hyun)

    Uhm Sung Mo as Ryu Wan (Shin's friend who's filming every moment)

    Jeon Ji Ae as Lee Kang-hyun (Chae-gyung's friend with the glasses)

    Lee Eun as Kim Soon-young (Chae-gyung's friend)

    Dan Ji as Yoon Hee-soong (Chae-gyung's friend)

    Kang Nam Gil as Chae gyung's father

    Im Ye Jin as Chae gyung's mother

    Kim Suk as Shin Chae-joon (Chae-gyung's brother)

    more (http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gung/cast/index.html)


    Episode Ratings




    seoul area


    ep. 1

    16.2% (5th)

    16.6% (5th)


    ep. 2

    16.0% (6th)

    16.5% (7th)


    ep. 3

    14.3% (9th)

    14.3% (8th)


    ep. 4

    15.1% (9th)

    15.3% (8th)


    ep. 5

    19.7% (5th)

    20.5% (4th)


    ep. 6

    16.5% (8th)

    16.5% (7th)


    ep. 7

    13.7% (11th)

    14.0% (10th)


    ep. 8

    18.6% (6th)

    19.1% (6th)


    ep. 9

    24.0% (2nd)

    25.2% (2nd)


    ep. 10

    25.2% (2nd)

    26.3% (2nd)


    ep. 11

    24.5% (2nd)

    25.7% (2nd)


    ep. 12

    25.6% (2nd)

    27.2% (2nd)


    ep. 13

    25.0% (2nd)

    25.8% (2nd)


    ep. 14

    26.7% (2nd)

    28.4% (2nd)


    ep. 15

    27.9% (2nd)

    28.8% (2nd)


    ep. 16

    24.3% (3rd)

    25.0% (3rd)


    ep. 17

    25.8% (2nd)

    26.1% (2nd)


    ep. 18

    26.6% (2nd)

    27.1% (2nd)


    ep. 19

    27.0% (2nd)

    27.3% (2nd)


    ep. 20

    27.1% (2nd)

    26.9% (2nd)


    ep. 21

    24.6% (2nd)

    25.2% (2nd)


    ep. 22

    24.4% (2nd)

    25.5% (2nd)


    ep. 23

    25.4% (2nd)

    26.9% (2nd)


    ep. 24

    28.3% (2nd)

    28.8% (2nd)




    Source: TNS Media Korea(http://www.tnsmk.co.kr/)

    get "Goong" wallpapers at http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gung/wallpaper/index.html

    CREDITS TO: wikipedia.com & d-addicts.com

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    Friday, September 29, 2006


    This series was based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Akuma de Soro" (Devil Does Exist) by Takanashi Mitsuba licensed by CMX. Other Takanashi works include the popular shoujo manga Crimson Hero, featured in Viz's monthly magazine Shojobeat. 

    • Title: E Mo Zai Shen Bian
    • Also known as: Devil Beside You, Devils do exist
    • Genre: Romance, Human drama,Comedy
    • Episodes: 20 (Broadcasted on TV)/14 (DVD version)
    • Broadcast network: CTV
    • Broadcast year: 2005
    • Theme song: ウトミネヒ (Chou Nan Ren) Jerk by Huang Yida
    • Closing theme song: モテチ (Ai Mei) Ambigious by Rainie Yang
    • Other songs:
    Li Xiang Qing Ren (Ideal Lover) by Rainie Yang
    Set Me Free by Huang Yida
    Yi Miao De An Wei (A Moment's Consolation) by Huang Yida

    Synopsis From wiki.d-addicts.com

    Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) is a cheerful college girl who harbors a massive crush on the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi (Kingone). With the encouragement of her friends, she decides to confess her feelings. However, the next day, with her love letter in her outstretched hands and her head bent, Yuan Yi walks right by her. Qi Yue looks up to find Jiang Meng (Mike He), the school director's son, who has a devilish reputation and a penchant to bully girls. Terrified, she drops the letter and scoots away.

    True to his nickname, the devil orders Qi Yue to be his personal servant, else her letter will be revealed to the entire college. Embarrassed and angry, Qi Yue has no choice but to follow in his shadow. A bizarre twist later, she discovers she has feelings for Meng, who, beneath the cool exterior, possesses a soft and loyal heart. Meng returns her affections as well, and at last the dreamy Qi Yue, whose head is made up of romantic fluff, thinks she has found love.

    One thing stands in the way, however... How can they be together, when they're about to become brother and sister? And what happens when an arranged marriage and an old love enters both of their already complicated lives?


    • Mike He Jun Xiang as Jiang Meng:Nicknamed Ah Meng by his fellow peers, he is the son of the president of the school. He is a freshman at the college, yet he has power of his teachers due to his father's position. Ah Meng is also frightening to a lot of people and is known to bully girls, yet he is also known as the "prince of seduction." Despite his cool composure and "bad" attitude, Ah Meng has a gentle side and often sticks up for what is right. Li Xiang has a crush on him, which he does not reciprocate, but Ah Meng has feelings for Qi Yue. Although she is his future stepsister, he does love her and enjoys teasing her. Ah Meng also joins the basketball team and has fast reflexes that rival Yuan Yi's.


    • Rainie Yang as Qi Yue: is a sweet and innocent sophomore in college who lives with her widowed mother. She is very shy and sometimes acts like a ditz, but she has a loyal heart that shines even through the toughest of times. She used to harbor a crush on the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi, but her life was turned upside-down by Ah Meng. Eventually, she falls out of love with Yuan Yi and starts developing feelings for Ah Meng. She is also one of the managers of the basketball team 


    • Kingone as Shang Yuan Yi: is a boy in Qi Yue's class (teasingly nicknamed "Ah Yi (Auntie in Chinese)", and is the captain of the basketball team. Qi Yue initially was in love with him for his gentle personality, and he reciprocated her feelings, becoming a couple. When Qi Yue fell in love with Ah Meng, she broke up with him. Yuan Yi was angry and hostile towards Ah Meng at first, but gets over it and realizes his feelings for Qing Zi after she kisses him.


    • Tsai Pei Lin as Qing Zi: is Qi Yue's outspoken best friend. She and Xiao Cai were the ones who encouraged Qi Yue to confess her love to Yuan Yi, even though Qing Zi herself had a crush on him. Qing Zi cares for Qi Yue a lot and spends effort in helping her. After Qi Yue and Yuan Yi break up, Qing Zi starts dating Yuan Yi.



    Relationship To The Manga

    • Kayono Saitou = Qi Yue
    • Takeru Edogawa = Jiang Meng
    • Yuuichi Kamijou = Yuan Yi
    • Haru = Qing Zi
    • Nacchan = Xiao Cai
    • Rika = Li Xiang
    • Youhei = Yang Ping


    Summary Plot From en.wikipedia.org

    Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) is a college student in her second year. Having a crush on the captain of the school's basketball team, Shang Yuan Yi (Wang Chuan Yi), she writes a love letter to him and prepares to pass it to him. Qi Yue, being super blurr, accidentally hands the love letter to Jiang Meng (Mike He). Jiang Meng, a freshman and the school's bully, smiles evilly at her as she gapes in shock, dropping the love letter carelessly and running away. Yue soon hears from her best friends that Meng is the school president's son. Being rich and powerful, Meng and his gang go around bullying other people to amuse themselves. While walking around school, Yue runs into Meng. He shows her the letter and reads the front out to her. Yue then realises that Meng picked up the letter that she dropped. Meng blackmails her and threatens to print 1000 copies of the love letter and scatter it around the whole school. Unwillingly, she is forced to be Meng's "servant." Yue hates him at first. But as she gets to know him, Yue realises that he is simply "hard on the outside, soft on the inside" and he is actually a nice person. In turn, Meng finds that Yue is a very cute and innocent girl who is compassionate towards everyone and is able to melt his heart. Very soon, Yue finds herself flirting with her favourite devil and vice versa. As they start to fall for each other, Yue is shocked to know that her widowed mother is about to marry Meng's father, which links them (Meng & Yue) into a stepbrother-sister relationship. Things get really complicated. Meng and Yue face many obstacles like Yue's ex-crush and Meng's arranged date appearing at the same time, the disapproval of Meng's grandmother, the consequences of their love 。ェ They might wreck their parent's marriage, Meng's younger brother 。ェ Ah Rang blackmailing them out of hate for his brother, Meng's decision to go to Italy, and so on.




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    Thursday, September 28, 2006


    I have uploaded the MARS OST for you... the ending theme - rang wo ai ni (let me love you) by vic zhou & barbie xu (click the link)


    and the opening theme - ling (zero) by alan ke you lun


    Posted at 08:51 pm by j-g-m
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